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Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I want to know about any errors on my recipes, so please use the form below to let me know and help make this site a better place!
Again, thank you for letting me know about any spelling errors. Do try to be polite about these though – it’s not the end of the world.

I once had someone email me that my misplaced apostrophe was ruining the youth of this world. While I’ll agree that saying ideas as “idea’s” is preeeeeetty stupid, I doubt the consequences will be quite that dire.

Be nice!

Although there are some impure brands of Agave Nectar that might meet that claim, if you use the brand I recommend on this site (Volcanic Nectar), you’ll find that it has quite different characteristics than the Agave spoken about on such sites as Dr. Mercola.

I often receive emails about this sweetener regarding that. Mercola specifically states that Agave “has higher fructose content than any commercial sweetener — ranging from 70 to 97 percent, depending on the brand”.

This is simply untrue.

I recommend only using Volcanic Nectar brand of agave, that has less than 50% fructose. Remember, even a fruit like Raisins contain over 33% fructose. If you still have a problem with it though, you can always just replace the agave with erythritol (1:1 ratio).

The fructose content is well below 50, and the Glycemic Load is only 27 (<55 is safe for diabetics).

That being said, if you still find the concept detestable, you might consider replacing the Agave in a recipe with Erythritol. It acts fairly close to sugar, and with only a little bit of kneading you should be able to make it work. The best part is that it has a Glycemic Load of 0.

I don’t have a lot of interest in debating anyone on this topic though, as I’ve had many conversations about it. It would be a super neat courtesy if you didn’t email me regarding agave nectar.

Yes you can! Feel free to substitute others flours, though you might need to adjust a few ingredients here or there to help keep the moisture up. For example, whole wheat flour tends to make foods dryer, so you might want to compensate for that.
SweetSmarts is focused on having natural sugars and low glycemic index foods.

Most people who are looking for sugar free foods have some sort of food sensitivity, diabetes, or are trying to lose weight – low glycemic index sweeteners can help with all of this.

For example, Erythritol is just as sweet as sugar, yet it has a glycemic load of…ZERO! It takes virtually no insulin to absorb properly – so it’s very useful on a sugar free site, even if it’s technically sweet.

It’s important that if you have a dangerous condition to consult with a doctor or nutritionist before consuming any of our recipes. If you’re a diabetic, try to stick with whole wheat flours and monitor your insulin levels, especially when you’re first trying our recipes.

This is a question I receive quite often.

Other variations go “can I use egg replacer instead of egg whites?”. Or “can I use honey instead of agave nectar?”.

There’s really no way for me to answer whether you can substitute these things, because I haven’t made the recipe with them.

You know how they say “ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer?” – well, it’s not a stupid question or anything, but if you ask it to me all I’ll be able to give you is a stupid, uneducated answer (because until I’ve made the recipe using that ingredient, I have no real proof).

That being said, I really wish I would be able to give you a good answer about this!

The best way to find out if I have a recipe is to use the search icon in the top right. If you don’t find anything in the search results, then I don’t have it.

I have a ton of recipes on this site – when I try to find a recipe I use the same search bar that you are because it’s the most effective tool for the task. I also don’t have a secret stash of recipes anywhere. Any recipes I find, I post! How convenient!

Not yet. I’m considering implementing a feature in the future where visitors can share their pictures of the recipes they made on my site. Just a future plan though – nothing coming too soon.
I use american measurements on this site. If you live in another region, feel free to use google to change the measurements. Just type something like “US cups into Australian cups”.
Sure, but it’s just as easy to use margarine in any of these recipes, which comes from oil.

Feel free to use margarine in any of those recipes. You could also use a healthier ingredient than margarine – maybe some coconut butter or olive oil margarine.

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