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The Sugar Free Cakebook - Digital

Gorgeous photography in a beautifully-designed book that will make you fall in love with all 40 recipes.

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PDF, ePub, and Kindle versions included.

This Baby Is HOT!


Low GI Sweeteners

The Cakebook uses low GI sweeteners (less than 55 on the glycemic index), which are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for diabetics. Bake away baby!


40 Pure Home-Brewed Cakes

An exotic red velvet cake for when you're feeling pretty, and witty, and gaaaaay - or a simple work-day cake like my lemon pound cake.


Makes For A Great Gift

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or just because. Give a friend a cake and her gift lasts a day (great). Give her this cookbook, and her gift lasts a lifetime (even greater)!

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Made With Moms and Wives In Mind

If you want to take care of your family with recipes that are sensitive to their dietary restrictions, this book is for you.


Fun Cartoons For The Win!

As always, cartoon Andrew is hunting through the cakebook safari for the best recipes - you'll never get lost with him guiding you along!

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Only $20

This digital copy is much cheaper than a physical copy would be. Physical books cost way more to make, print, and ship - so they cost you way more to buy (like, $30 more - GOSH!).

A Note From The Author

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Andrew Muller

I started doing sugar free recipes in 2009 when I was diagnosed with IBS (that colonoscopy sure was fun!).

Since then, I've learned a ton about delicious food photography, keeping things sweet, and making recipes fun with cartoons. Now I'm bringing the recipes to you!

Women Love Easy Sugar Free Recipes

I am diabetic and have stage 4 kidney disease. Doctor took away dairy and lowered my protein intake.

I was used to having a frozen Yoplait yogurt each night, that went out the window.

I am soooo pleased to find your site. I was searching all over for sorbet recipes. I just love your selection. Thank you very much Andrew Muller ;)
Marsha, United States


Your website is great. I was diagnosed with diabetes last year. I weighed 110 lbs., so when I started to lose weight rapidly along with alot of other symptoms diabetes was the last thing I expected.

It was especially cruel because I am called "the food goddess" and tasty treats and mexican food are some of my specialties. Anyhow, have been experimenting much and erythritol is one of my favorite substitutes (I usually made things less sweet when possible to begin with if flavor was not sacrificed and even my biggest sugar heads liked it !)

Thank You for taking out the guess work & saving me money from failing experiments!!! Thank you ever so much and Happy Cooking!
Judy Roth, United States


Hi Andrew, I have been searching recipes and experimenting using agave nectar as I don't want to use sugar, I found your website and decide to try your biscotti recipe!

We really like them, yours is light and crisps up nicely - and the texture isn't doughy like some I've tried. My husband is Italian and this has been a longtime tradition. finally a recipe I can made that we enjoy...sugar free. Thanks again.
Marie, United States


Just wanted to say "thanks" for this website! My husband has Ulcerative Colitis and can't have processed sugar or milk. We were excited to find your website & recipes through an internet search.

We've tried your brownies, and they're fabulous!

I'm going to surprise him with your pumpkin pie tonight. :)
Brooke, Montana US


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PDF, ePub, and Kindle versions included.

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