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Why are my sugar free Christmas recipes so important to me?

Well, the month of December is a pretty huge month for me and my family.

My sister’s birthday is at the beginning of the month, so right off the bat there’s a party to start. This year it was a pirate-themed birthday party at the Jamaican restaurant in town.

Guess what my costume was…

From then goes the Marks family gathering (my Mom’s side), and then Christmas. On Boxing day we have the Muller family gathering (my Dad’s side), and then New Years celebrations.

Not to mention just all the get-togethers and miscellaneous parties in between (and don’t forget Christmas shopping!), you can bet it is a ridiculously busy month.

And a month like that requires a large amount of sugar free christmas recipes to accommodate all the occasions.

December Is A Month For Freezing!

I find that making most of your recipes early (say around the 10th or 15th), and then freezing them in the deep-freeze is the best way to do Christmas baking.

Of course if you love baking, you are more than free to do it at other times in the month. But with all the parties that I mentioned above (I’m sure your schedule is similar), I find that having things well prepared makes it just so much easier to enjoy the Christmas season.

Having your baking already prepared just takes away that much more of the stress involved in Christmas. On the night of the party (or on those warm nights by the fire watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”), just take out the frozen baking and let it thaw on a fashionable Christmas platter.

I find that things like Christmas Sugar Cookies don’t take very long to thaw out. In fact, you can even eat them while they’re still frozen, and let them thaw in your mouth!

In any case, freezing is just how I do things. To each their own!

Now! On to the recipes!