The Quickest Sugar Free Pie Dough Ever!

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Recipe Walkthrough (With Pictures)

The few ingredients we need to make this pastry.

ingredients for the sugar free pie pastry

Mix the dry ingredients together.

mixing the dry ingredients together

Take your chilled butter and shred it into the bowl of dry ingredients.

(I recommend sticking the butter in the freezer to make this process easier)

shredding chilled butter with a cheese grater

I find this works 100x better than a pastry cutter.

the shredded butter


all the butter is shredded

Toss the butter in the flour.

tossing the shredded butter in flour

Slowly add spoonfuls of water.

adding spoonfuls of water

Pinch, squeeze, and roll the dough until it turns to a ball of dough.

I recommend a little butter on the fingertips to make it easier to handle.

pinch the dough with bare hands all the dough for the sugar free pie pastry

Cut into two pieces, one slightly bigger than the other (the big one is for the bottom of the pie, the small one for the top).

cut the dough into 2 pieces

Wrap in cellophane and refrigerate for 1 hr at minimum if you are going to use it the same day.

Freeze after 24 hours if you are not going to use it right away.

freeze the pie dough in saran wrap

Once you are ready to use the dough, toss a little flour on the table and roll it out to the appropriate size. 9×11 in this case.

sprinkle flour on the pie doughrolling out the pie pastry with a rolling pin

Happy pie making! Just throw that dough in a pie dish, following the instructions for whichever specific pie you’re making[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section]