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The Best Tasting Stevia Award Goes To…

Herbal Advantage.

Well as you know, most Stevia tastes really bitter. I mean, some of it is better than others, but most of it contains some sort of bitter aftertaste that really just ruins it (You know, that “healthy” taste…NOT! A food being “healthy” is not a good enough justification for it tasting horrible to me.)

Well the brand I’ve found has actually eliminated that bitter aftertaste.

You see there are two important components to the Stevia plant. That is Stevioside and Rebaudioside A.

Stevioside creates that bitter taste.

Through years of cross-pollination and selective breeding, they have created a stevia sweetener that is very very low in Stevioside content, making it much sweeter and eliminates the bitter aftertaste.

A few other things that I really liked about this Stevia was:

  • No Malto-Dextrin
  • No FOS
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • No Fillers (1/8 teaspoon of Stevia replaces 1 cup sugar)
  • Aid diabetics and hypoglycemics
  • Great for hyperactive children

Seeing as though that bitter aftertaste is one of the only minuses against stevia, eliminating that would make it one of the most perfect sweeteners, wouldn’t it?


You have to keep in mind that no matter how good the brand of stevia gets, it still won’t be quite as…”useful” as sugar.

Remember that Stevia doesn’t caramelize like sugar does, and some of the properties are still a bit different in that sense.

Besides that, it is a perfect sugar substitute for things like baking, or sweetening your drinks

Important Note: I do not receive any compensation for recommending this brand of Stevia. I truly believe that it is an amazing product and I personally use it every day that I bake. I only recommend it because I want others to start living healthier lives, and so that Herbal Advantage will be able to continue making my favorite Stevia forever.

I recommend their Stevia Organic Extract Powder. That’s the type that I bought from them, and with great results.

When Baking…

Depending on which product you get from this brand, you will only have to use 1/4 of a teaspoon, to 1/8th of a teaspoon in place of a cup of sugar.

Do you realize how tiny of an amount that is? That’s way less than the amount of NyQuil you would take when you’re sick, for an entire cup of sugar!

It’s only this sweet because the Herbal Advantage brand doesn’t use any fillers.

Now like I said earlier, you can’t caramelize Stevia, but for most recipes it should react in a very similar manner as sugar.

Dried Stevia Leaves

If you weren’t really sure where to start, then finding the very best dried stevia leaves would be a difficult task I imagine.

It’s not exactly like you can just drop into the supermarket and grab some dried stevia leaves off the shelf. So what do you do?

Do you grow them yourself? Or do you try to find someone who already sells them?

Well the truth is, you can do both!

Growing Them Yourself

Now growing stevia yourself can be challenging.

First of all, you need to know that you will not be growing them from seeds.

You see, people who try to grow them from scratch almost always end up with an inferior product (and possibly so bad tasting that it’s not even worth it).

A lot of Stevias riches come from years and years of growth, taking care of the plants, cross-breeding and cross-pollinating, and taking the seeds from last years crop to create a superior product next year.

So you can see that starting from the beginning would likely be time consuming, and would probably never pay off for the hobby gardener (that’s the type of thing you can leave to the agricultural universities).

And that’s why you will need to purchase baby stevia plants from a company who has already created a good breed of Stevia.

I’ve written an in-depth and detailed article on how to grow stevia. I recommend giving it a read if you are considering taking this route.

Buying Your Dried Stevia Leaves

The key to buying a good quality dried stevia leaf is the brand.

Now if you end up with a bad brand, you will find that the bitter taste that the stevia plant is famous for, will be ever so prevalent.

That means you will be eating some preeeetty bitter stevia.

But if you find a good brand of Stevia, you will find it is actually sweeter than the bad brands, and the bitter taste can almost be eliminated.

And that makes a big difference in the sweetener you choose to use.


Luckily, Herbal Advantage comes to the rescue again. You can buy plantable stevia plants from them to start your own garden.

The amount of dedication that it takes to grow your own stevia plant that still tastes great just isn’t worth it. I choose to ‘leaf’ it up to the people who specialize in it.

That way you can spend more of your time doing things that you already know, which is more efficient.