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A cartoon comic for sugar free toasted pumpkin seeds with directions and ingredients.

Caramelized ‘Sweet & Salty’ and ‘Toasted Cinnamon’ Pumpkin Seeds

May 23, 2015

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1Find the perfect pumpkin, wash and cut open the top to retrieve the seeds.

2Separate the seeds from the "pumpkin guts".

3Put pumpkin seeds in the kitchen sink along with lukewarm water to get any additional pumpkin guts off.

4With a hole filled spoon, or strainer, scoop the seeds out into a bowl lined with paper towel to help with any additional water.

5Put seeds in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat.

6Toast them in the pan, consistently stirring them to keep them from sticking and to get an even roast.

7When they start to pop and peel, take one out of the pan, let it cool and see if it is crunchy enough for your personal liking.

8Once toasted, add agave and mix in with all the seeds, then sprinkle salt or cinnamon over top (whichever you choose to make) then mix again, and let cook for about 5-7min, stirring often.

9When the seeds start to stick together and the agave is no longer runny, they are finished. Do not walk away or your seeds will burn!

10Spread the seeds out on a non-stick cookie sheet or tray covered in wax paper, let cool and enjoy!


1 cup of pumpkin seeds (cleaned and patted dry)

½ cup of agave

1 tbsp of salt


Recipe Walkthrough (With Pictures)

The end of October is here and that means PUMPKINS, PUMPKIN CARVING and best of all PUMPKIN SEEDS!

So many years and you can get a little tired of only “spiced seeds” so here is a super easy quick way to make some sweet, sugar free pumpkin treats ?

OK here’s what we need,

Next we want to cut the top of our pumpkin off so we can get at the innards.

Once we have cut all the way around the top of the stem, pull that baby out. There will be lots of goodies stuck to the bottom of the steam top when you pull it off. I just cut it off and gather the seeds out (you may have your own method).

*Friendly Tip* Make sure to cut the top big enough to get your hand in and out and all about without any struggles. It makes the hollowing a lot more enjoyable.

Alright now inside this baby is full of seeds and guts, so start digging!

I wouldn’t say there is any special magic way in getting them all out, other than persistence and determination. Try to separate the guts and seeds the best you can.

Once you have completely hollowed this sucker out and have all your seeds, we’re going to rinse them off in some lukewarm water to make sure all the guts are gone.

After they have had a solid bath time, we want to scoop them out with a strainer or spoon with holes in it. Let as much water as possible drain out before putting them into the bowl.

*Friendly tip* Line the bowl with a little paper towel to help soak up any extra water.

Because we are not letting the seeds dry overnight we are going to roast them “all natural” on a medium heat.

It will take a little while for them to dry out and start to be close to done, but do not just leave them unattended, they need to be constantly stirred so they don’t stick to the pan or burn.

They will start to pop and shed their skin when they are close to done, when this starts to happen, take one out let it cool and test it to see if it is crunchy enough for your personal enjoyment.

Once you have roasted them just right, we are going to add in our agave and salt or cinnamon. (They are both just so good, you can’t go wrong with either)

Stir the seeds around in the agave and sprinkle the salt or cinnamon on top then mix them all up again to make sure they all get some of the love.

*Friendly tip* DON’T WALK AWAY! They will burn and you will be very sad, like I was when a few of my seeds burned.

Continuously stir them about the pan. You will know they are done when the agave loses it’s watery texture and everything is caramelized together. Also the seeds will stick to your spoon and not come off easily (at all).

Once that happens, we want to put them on a non-stick cookie sheet or pan with wax paper and let them cool. (I suggest letting them cool in the fridge or freezer, this helps in getting them off the pan and paper)

*Friendly tip* Don’t just put them in a bowl, unless of course you want a caramelized BALL of seeds you could eat something like an apple… ?

Oh and lastly… your pumpkin… have some fun, carve that baby up while you wait for your delicious little seeds.

Happy Halloween!