The Dangers Of Splenda

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]I’m sure you’ve all heard rumors about the danger of Splenda. “Is it really harmful?” you may ask. “It’s not sugar, so it should be good for me, right?”

Not quite.

Not only is Splenda not good for you, but I am a living, breathing example of someone who has been harmed by it. Here’s my story…

My Experience With Splenda


My experience with Splenda was definitely short lived. Why?

Because it gave me massive cramping and Diarrhea, that’s why.

I went out to a movie at the local Silver City (I live in hick country, so 45 minutes away seems local), and bought myself some “Sugar-Free” candy that was sweetened with Splenda.

The movie ends around 12am, and we head on home. My stomach starts to cry to me. Less than half an hour later I am on the toilet suffering from a colonoscopy cleaner sized bout of diarrhea.

Not the worst I have ever had, but gosh it hurt! 3am and my bowels have just calmed down enough for me to go to bed.

I haven’t touched the stuff since, so forgive me if the rest of this article feels biased.

Now lets look at the facts.

Splenda Facts

  • Okay, the number 1 fact is that Splenda has Chlorine in it. You know that stuff they put in the public pool to kill things? Yeah, you are eating that when you eat Splenda.
  • Are you trying to lose weight? Well it’s shown that Splenda can actually increase your appetite, so cross that off your list of things to eat if you’re trying to shed a few pounds! Splenda will only make your problem worse.
  • By the way, no credible long term research has been done on Splenda (Without the funding of a biased Company that is). Remember the movie “Thank you for Smoking” where the Cigarette companies have their own research firms with scientists telling the world “Cigarettes don’t cause Cancer”? This is pretty much the same situation, and the FDA decided to approve the product anyways.

I’m sure there is oodles of more research that I could cram down your throat, but I’m just going to stick with my original analysis and say that it isn’t so good for you.

If Not Splenda, Then What?

Since we have ruled out Splenda as a good Sugar Substitute, what else should you use?

I recommend that you look on the Sugar Substitutes to find a Sugar Free Sweetener that is right for you!

This way you can take care of your body while still eating food that tastes great and is Sugar Free![/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]