Stevia Tea

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Make Your Very Own Stevia Tea The Healthiest Tea You Can Make!

A fantastic stevia tea should be a staple in your sugar-free drinks library. Once you know where to get everything involved, it’s simple to make.

But getting to that point? It can be a bit difficult. Often you have to try out a few different suppliers to make sure you get a good brand of Stevia. That can be time consuming, not to mention $ consuming!

You can avoid all that hassle by reading below, and I’ll show you how to get everything you need together.

Where To Get Your Stevia?


I recommend that you get your Stevia from The Herbal Advantage Website.

The Stevia they grow has been cross-pollinated and specially selected in a way that they have actually eliminated that bitter aftertaste that most Stevia is plagued with!

If you are going to use it for tea, then I recommend you buy the “Super Sweet Stevia Leaf – Cut”.

It’s about $20 a pound, and about $10 for 1/4 of a pound. So obviously the best value is if you buy it for the whole pound.

How To Use The Stevia In Your Tea

If we have a pot of tea (about a liters worth), then you will be wanting to add a teaspoon of cut stevia leaves to the tea.

That should be more than enough to get it sweet enough for you. If you need it sweeter you can obviously add more, but just start with that amount.

After you’ve done that, just heat the tea up like you normally would. The Stevia will slowly release it’s sweetness into the tea as it heats up.

Honestly it’s so easy to do, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use the stevia plant in their tea (well, I suppose you could use Agave Nectar instead, it’s good for you too!)[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]