Let Our Apple Cinnamon Spice Christmas Muffins Turn Your Holiday Season Into A Delectable Delight

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When do you make your sugar free apple cinnamon muffins for Christmas time?

We usually get out into the kitchen about 2-3 weeks before Christmas. What with all the family gatherings and parties and events happening, we like to have all our treats ready and frozen well in advance.

I find that it helps to make the Christmas season much less stressful.

Let me paint a scene here.

Your family is sitting on the couch in the living room, the movie is on pause during the beginning credits. They’re waiting for you to finish getting the treats ready for the movie. “Hurry up mom!”

With my method, this won’t ever happen again. You can just pull some baking out the freezer, and put an assortment of goodies on a platter for all the enjoy.

No more waiting for mom.

These apple cinnamon muffins will be the perfect addition to that platter, and with the ridiculous amount of apples in them, there’s almost no way you could screw them up!

Here’s how to make it!


I recommend you use the video along with the ingredients and directions below in order to get the best results from your baking.

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