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This hard sugar free fudge recipe can be served chilled or frozen…it’s up to you!

What’s important is that it is sugar free, lactose-free, and is even healthy for you (but it still tastes soo good!)

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A Sugar Free Fudge Recipe That’s So Easy To Make – You Won’t Believe How Healthy It Is!

May 26, 2015

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1Mix the Agave Nectar and Cocoa in a blender.

2Blend them together until any Cocoa powder sticking to the sides gets sucked into the mixture. You should have a dark, thick brown liquid.

3Add the Coconut oil in, and the mixture will become lighter. Then add in the salt.

4Pour the mixture into a glass bowl or container. Scrape out the blender to get as much of it as you can into your container.

5Chill it in the fridge or freezer for a few hours. Once it's cold, you can either cut it into chunks and eat it, or just carve it out with a spoon and eat by hand (for the lazy person! That's my personal choice!)


3/4 of a cup of Agave Nectar

3/4 of a cup of Fry's Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1/3 of a cup of Virgin Coconut Oil

1/8 of a teaspoon of salt