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This is a story about my search to find the healthiest sugar free vanilla wafers that exist. And the search is…well…a tough one!


I spent a while going through all the different sugar free products available on the net, sorry to say but there wasn’t much to find.

I started with Murray’sBrand. The thing is, this brand was sweetened with Aspartame, which is not good for you at all.

I then moved on to Rugar’sbrand, only to find that it was sweetened with Nutrasweet (A brand name of Aspartame.)

2 down…no luck…

My 3rd choice that I found was Fifty-50 Sugar Free Wafers. So what were they sweetened with? Good old Diarrhea-inducing Sorbitol. Yuck! If you ate even just a few of these cookies you would find yourself rushing to the bathroom fairly quickly because Sorbitol CANNOT be absorbed by your body.

And the 4th and final sugar free product I found was Voortman Sugar free wafers, and once again we get stung by the slap of Sorbitol!

I’m sorry to say, but this search really isn’t going well, and I can’t seem to find any more products that are even sugar free (nonetheless healthy).

My Conclusion

So I have finally come to the conclusion that if you want to eat sugar free wafers, you are going to have to make them yourself!

This is something that I will be learning how to do in the near future (and teaching you as well!)

Sorry that I couldn’t find a brand for you that is really, truly safe for you to eat. But I simply won’t recommend something that I wouldn’t feed to my own family (well…future family!)