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3 Types Of Agave Nectar That Are Safe For Diabetics

For those of you who aren’t sure which types of agaves are going to be the right choice for you, whether you are diabetic, or you just want to make healthy choices for you and your family, I have compiled a list of the top 3 Agave Nectar Brands.

#3: Wholesome Sweeteners Agave

Sitting on the Glycemic index with a 37 (Less than 55 is safe for Diabetics), the wholesome sweeteners is Cosco’s choice of Agave Nectar.

A big plus for this, is I was actually able to go to Cosco and get to small bottles of this stuff for $7.99. So the price is very low, even if you aren’t buying in bulk.

Of course, with the Glycemic index being so high, it does bring into question the purity of the product, but I’ve been using it for the last year and it hasn’t brought me any trouble so far, so I will vouch for it here.


#2: Madhava Agave Nectar

With a Glycemic index of 32, the Madhava Agave nectar is definitely better for you than the Wholesome Sweeteners brand.

Because Madhava spends more of their time on their types of Agaves (Wholesome Sweeteners is a large corporation, where Madhava specializes in Agave) the quality of the product is also better.

The glycemic index is one of the most important things to consider when choosing an Agave Nectar brand, because the lower the Glycemic index, the safer it is for Diabetics.

A person with Type 2 Diabetes can only handle eating foods with less than 55 on the Glycemic index. So you can see how important it is for Diabetics to be aware of this in the food they eat.

So that makes Madhava fairly safe to eat for diabetics!

As for the taste, Madhava tastes very similar to honey, in fact, other than the way it makes you feel (honey makes you feel very “sugary”) you might not even be able to tell the difference.

Madhava is not an Agave brand that I would consider to be “pure” though.

There are very few manufacturers in the world that create a pure agave product (possibly only 1).

Why else would it have a higher Glycemic index than the Volcanic Nectar brand? Wouldn’t there have to be some sort of impurity or refining process that causes that to happen?

It’s actually a really decent way to measure whether or not an Agave is pure or not. Seeing as though the Volcanic Nectar has a low 27 on the GI, it is the lowest GI Agave available.

This makes it the perfect product to set the standard, to which all others are measured. And it lets me know that Madhava is not a pure Agave.

It’s a good product, but I still wouldn’t recommend it over the Volcanic Agave nectar because of the higher Glycemic index.

I would recommend it overtop of the Wholesome Sweeteners brand though.

#1: Volcanic Agave

Volcanic Agave Nectar is by far the best Agave product I have ever seen.

With a whopping-low 27 on the Glycemic index, it is easily the purest and safest choice for your family.


I personally buy quantities of this stuff in bulk. If you buy more than $170 approx from their website, you get a bulk price (Which I do).

The only drawback is it is only available for online purchase, which may be a bonus for some (If you like ordering online, as it’s convenient) but others may find that frustrating if they aren’t used to ordering it online. Of course, their online website is 100% secure.

My orders go through just fine, so that shouldn’t be a worry for you.

But other than that small negative (if online ordering is a problem for you), it is a perfect product for anyone with Diabetes, or anyone else looking to make a healthy lifestyle change.

And it’s perfect for baking too! Just measure it out the same amount you would for sugar (1 Cup of sugar = 1 Cup of Agave) and it should work fine.